The true power of playfulness.

So you want to enjoy Christmas as much as you used to as a child?  Try asking yourself this question. Is play truly just for children? No way ! There are huge benefits to bringing a sense of playfulness to life and to challenging times. I find that playing in various forms creates just enough of a ‘lift’ in me that I am able  to move forwards again. So if life feels just too tough, here are some things that will help.

Explore using your voice

Singing, chanting, reciting affirmations or simply voicing feelings out loud heals the energy in the throat chakra. The throat chakra is central to our creative expression so using your voice will give the artist in you a boost.  Your inner artist can take many forms so follow the intuitive creative thoughts that come up for you as you are singing, talking or chanting . These thoughts matter, even the ones that encourage you to do something really random, like clog dance on a bouncy castle. Trust. 

Move your body

Whether you walk, run, dance or jump about, moving will shift any stagnant energy in you as well as release endorphins. Move however you most want to, and forget what the movement might look like to any bystanders. It will bring a smile to their faces whilst helping you honour how you really feel in the moment. Your heart chakra will thank you for this.

Find the game you loved to play as a child and play it. Go on!

We all need time to balance our responsibilities as adults with our inner little person who just wants to muck about and have fun.  Particularly during the holiday season! What board games or toys did you love as a child? Give yourself permission to seek them out and go for it. Play monopoly, run about with a bubble machine, bounce on a space hopper, play tag with your nieces and nephews or just have a coffee dressed as Darth Vader. ( preferably without the mask to allow the intake of fluids). It will make you laugh and stay more present. It also provides a helpful boost to the root chakra by helping our inner child feel more secure. The root chakra loves a bit of security.

Try it all and bring some light to your December 🙂