Top tips for inner balance.

Life can be busy so if you  need some time to reconnect with who you are, to heal your spirit and get your mojo back, then this blog is for you. Yes you, with the fun trainers on.

Notice the environments that genuinely uplift you.

Do you love the buzz of a city centre or the stillness of woodlands or fields? Quiet cafes? Or busy restaurants?

Every environment has its own rhythm. Take the time to make a note of the specific places that make you feel at peace. Notice the sounds, colours and textures that you are drawn towards.  This will not only deepen your understanding of yourself, it will also assist you with recharging your body mind and heart when you are feeling depleted.

Going  to the spaces that match your usual pace or rhythm helps you stay more energetically in sync with your life as a whole. I believe that when we are in sync we not only rest more effectively, we plan and think more effectively too.  inspiration flows more readily. Try it and see 🙂 . I love to write in cafes as much as I can, preferably with a little music in the background. 80’s cheese or a bit of acoustic guitar anyone? What works for you?

Carry reminders of your true self with you.

We all have objects  in our homes that we have strong positive  emotional connections with, things that represent the qualities we love about life. These may also be the things that bring us courage in challenging times and that anchor us to staying true to who we really are

For some this could be a family photo or perhaps a quote or holiday souvenir, or some form of creativity.  Look around your home and find 2 small items that generate feelings of deep appreciation or love (or both) in you and carry them with you on a daily basis. Take your time with this. Don’t rush.  Once you have your 2 items, at the beginning of each day allow several minutes to connect with them in private contemplation and root yourself in the aspects of life that keep you grounded. Anytime you feel in need of some support when you are out and about connect with the objects again.

Nourish and care for your body.

So the first two steps are going well and you want to keep going? Brilliant stuff! Me too. We all know that regular sleep, balanced healthy meals and regular exercise matter so trust your instincts on how to proceed. Are you feeling the need to move your body more?   Or perhaps you are feeling a desire to eat more greens or make a fruit smoothie? Follow this guidance. Deep down I knew that swimming would be suited to my body and now I love to splash about in the water like Aquaman (if he was from Essex) despite all the times I had ‘boring’ physio sessions for cerebral palsy in a pool as a child.  If you want to cycle or go to the gym or book a fitness class go ahead and do this. Loving ourselves is a continual process of taking our best thoughts and turning them into actions. If you need support reach out to friends or experts in the area you are feeling the need to explore. Take it one step at a time and celebrate each step you take. The more regular each step is the more momentum develops.  Losing momentum may happen. It’s happened to me before. It’s human. Be kind to yourself please and gently pick it up again.

Wishing you a genuinely happy and healthy new year full of the things that keep you inspired.